Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Musings 93--Looking for high crimes...

I used the word impeachment here several columns ago. Since I have been taking some time off over the holidays, I am encouraged that others have taken up the quest to hold Bush jr. responsible for his high crimes or misdemeanors.

Barrons, a conservative stock newspaper, says that Bush jr. should be investigated. I tend to agree. It is now in the hands of the republican majority to do the right thing. If Bush jr. willingly broke the law by ignoring the FISA courts, then he needs to pay the price. (See Link)

I will have more at a later date, but it looks like 2006 may not be a whole lot better for Bush jr. than 2005. Not one is above the law--especially the President of the United States. An example must be set.

It is, indeed, a sad day when the members of the President's own party are having a fit of conscience over the law breaking. Where is it written, that you can't speak up against the President if you are a member of his party? Come on republicans, do the right thing. Come out against Bush jr. and point the finger at him. Conservatives should be the first to voice their concerns about law breakers. Grow some backbone, republicans!


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