Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Musings 104--The World According to Junior

If you tune in to the State of the Union address tonight, you will most probably be bored to tears. But, I have nothing else to do since the paint on my walls is already dry.

George W. Bush does not have a clue as to the real state of the union. He has never had a real job and has never had to dig for his next meal. His views are the most single-sided of any President I have ever seen. The world according to junior is that the economy is moving along and that unemployment is low. Tell that to the 30,000 General Motors folks that lost their jobs, or to the 8,000 Kraft workers who soon will lose their jobs.

**Quick note: Do a drinking game and take a belt after every time he uses the word "god" or "9-11." You could be drunker than a monkey before the halfway point of the speech.

Look, it comes down to this simple equation: Most Americans got a 2% or 3% raise in earnings last year. Health care costs have risen 35%. Do the math. We ain't no better and most of us are going into the hole. Junior Bush doesn't notice this cause he don't have to live on a budget. Take a look at the growing federal deficit.

I'm going to tune in for comedy relief. It is always juvenile to make fun of folks dumber than you are...well, that is what I'm doing anyway. It is either that or play the drinking game, and I can't afford booze. Have you priced that stuff lately?


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