Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Musings 108--Mrs. King would have loved it.

The funeral of Coretta Scott King lasted several hours yesterday. It was a celebration of life and the end of an era for civil rights. (See Link)

Four U.S. presidents and other dignitaries gave their euglogies and speeches about Mrs. King. Former President Jimmy Carter got in a few barbs at Junior Bush about "wiretaps."

Mrs. King's husband, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, had his telephones wiretapped and was spied upon by the FBI of the 1960's. He was considered at a communist threat by our government. You see, anyone with a different view is always considered a bad guy. Things have not changed that much in America. The Bushies still feel that way.

Many of the commentators that were on cable last night said that it was inappropriate for the speakers to take their shots at Bush Jr. Well, I think that Mrs. King would have loved it. She would have thought it totally appropriate that former presidents and renowned speakers make their point to the current president. I mean they had him in a position that was outside of his normal lacey bubble. He had to listen, and you could tell that it made him uncomfortable.

I was particularly interested in Bush jr. wife, Laura. She looked like she swallowed a prune and was having trouble with the pits. Some say she is the most loved woman in America. Well, she is a bit too smug for me. I have not thought much of her since she gave the admonition during the last election campaign, "you don't mess with Texas." Well...yea we do. A lot.

Mrs. King was a woman who took her husband's legacy and ran with it. Martin got the holiday, but Mrs. King got the movement. The day after her husband was assassinated, Mrs. King took his place in a labor march for fairer wages. From that time on, she never stopped. (See Link)

I think Mrs. King would have loved holding Bush jr.'s heels to the fire at her funeral. Martin would have loved it too, because that is what he died for.


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