Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Musings 105--It's all good--except for Cindy!

So you may say that I kind of missed my predictions about Junior Bush calling on "god" or using "9-11" over and over again. Predictions suck anyway.

However, the message was clear: "All is well, and we are going to keep doing more of the same for the next three years." Oh, yeah!

What was most apparent to me, though, was the seemingly throw-away report of the arrest of Cindy Sheehan for wearing a T-shirt in the peanut gallery. Capitol police arrested her for "unlawful conduct." She made no resistance, was handcuffed and led away. The T-shirt said: "2, many more?" (See Link)

I guess the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States does not exist in the Halls of Congress. In all fairness, Beverly Young, the wife of Representative Bill Young, R, FL,was also tossed out of the gallery by Capitol Cops for wearing a T-shirt that said: "We Support our Troops." (See Link)

I guess that it is not important that in 1971 a Supreme Court decision was rendered that said that it was free speech to wear at T-Shirt into a courthouse that said "Fuck the Draft." The court case was Cohen v. California. (See Link) I guess the new Supreme Court can overturn this decision as well as Roe v Wade.

Also, continuing on with this line of thought, are the new provisions in the Patriot Act that will allow demonstrators to be arrested and charged with a federal crime if they stray out of their designated areas at political rallies.

It just keeps getting better and better. Junior Bush and his minions have done away with more freedoms than Bin Laden could ever have hoped to have done.


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