Friday, February 17, 2006

Musings 111--Ohio Dems love defeat

Paul Hackett was the Marine Corps officer who ran a campaign against Jean Schmidt in the 2nd Congressional District of Ohio, a predominately republican stronghold, and nearly won. He was the future of the party. A vet that told it like it is. He was courted by the bigwigs to run against Sen. Mike DeWine for a coveted Ohio senate seat. Well, he's not running now. (See Link)

It seems that the democrats fell out of love for Hackett when Sharrod Brown--a well-known, seven-term, millioniare, political hack--decided that the wanted to run for DeWine's senate seat. The Browns have a bunch of money and a bunch of power in Ohio. The Brown name can get votes by just being on the ballot. Of course, that is what they said about the Taft name when Bob Taft ran for governor--and they were right. Taft won big both times, but has embarrassed the state for corruption. He was convicted of a crime and paid a fine. He is probably the worst governor Ohioians have had in recent years.

So the national party dems took a look around and put out the word for Hackett to step down. I short, they played politics against a guy that probably could have defeated DeWine in November. Now they will be stuck with Brown. Nice going guys. Toss a war hero to the wolves for the sake of politics as usual. I guess it just proves that there is no difference between republicans and democrats when you look down deep at their very souls.

If the democrats did what they are accused of doing in the story that I linked to above; then, I hope that they lose. At least with Mike DeWine you know what you have, and that is a guy with his nose tucked neatly up Bush jr's behind.

If the dems would have supported Hackett, they could have said that they were reformers. Brown is nothing more than and old style dem who will suck up to Harry Reid and the rest of the democratic leadership. It is enough to make you sick at your stomach.

God, but it is hard to change things in this republic!


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