Thursday, March 09, 2006

Musings 122--Republicans grow balls...

The Republican Party grew a set of balls when they shoved the Dubia Port's deal back into the president's smirky little face.

Basically, I think they were looking at the polls and decided that they were going to take a butt kicking on this issue during the 2006 elections. I mean the only issue the republicans have really run on in the last six years is national security.

If they would have sided with Bush jr., then they would have had the democrats coming out in force saying that they were soft on security that they had sold our largest ports to the enemy.

Bush jr. has tried to have it both ways. He and Deadeye Dick have been telling us that we are at war with the bad guy Arabs. He then wants us to think that some of the bad guy Arabs are now good because they are capitalists. Forget that two of the hijackers were UAE citizens. Forget that Bin Laden funneled money through the UAE banks. It was now ok. We have Bush jr.'s word for it. (We had his word on WMD's and nuclear weapons programs, too.)

According to the link (See Link) the United Arab Emerites is making noise like they will have reprisals against us for stopping the deal. Well, so much for our allies with rags on their heads.

Maybe there is hope after all.


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