Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Musings 124--Do they do anything right?

Is there any doubt that if there were not a republican controlled congress that the Bushies would have been investigated and censured long ago?

The Bushies have fumbled and messed up everything they have touched. What will Bush jr.'s legacy be? Has his administration and the republican controlled congress done anything that historians will say is great?

The war on terror might be in the plus column, but the verdict is still out on that. Afghanistan was a plus, but, by all indications, it may revert back to the Taliban if certain leaders are toppled or die.

This is an administration that came out of the shoot sponsoring faith-based initiatives. It was pretty much the adoption of government sponsored religion. Thus, with federal monies going to religious help groups--really churches--the full scale corruption began. When religious organizations feel that they can get government monies for free; then, the godliness goes out the window. They start thinking about the money.

The war on terror should be winding down to a manageable level. Instead, Iraq is Viet Nam II. We can't leave and we can't stay. Osama Bin Ladin is still not in chains. Bush jr. did promise that we would get him. Well, we are waiting.

At home, health care costs and prescription drugs are through the roof. We are in danger of losing the middle class that did so well under the Clinton administration. Under Bush jr., the haves seem to have it all--including the good tax cuts.

Bush jr. was going to reform Social Security and Medicare. He did not. He was not open to frank discussion, and, thus, his plans were scuttled by his own party. (With help from the democrats, of course.)

Hurricane Katrina showed that Bush jr. was not exactly on top of things when it came to the security of the homeland. FEMA used to be a great organization. Today it is a shell.

Lastly, port security is not a high thing with this administration. If it was, then we would not have had the mess of the Dubai Port World fiasco. If you know what is going on, you don't get surprised by the feelings of the people on such things.

So the question is: Do these guys do anything right? I can't think of anything. No...wait...I can think of something. They sure can shift the blame elsewhere. They are good at that. The buck never stops in the oval office.

Just to make the point, as I write this Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, D, is making a speech about Homeland Security. She has a sign up in the background that reads: "Dangeroulsy Incompetent." That about sums it up.


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