Thursday, March 16, 2006

Musings 126--The Evil Doctrine of Preemption...

Bush jr. keeps pounding the idea home that the world changed on 911. Every chance he gets, or his lackeys get, the Doctrine of Preemption is preached to the world. We have to get them before they get us. We know what is good so we are in the right.

As I have stated before, it was a sad day that right-thinking people went along with a preemptive strike in Iraq. As the facts have proven, Iraq did nothing to us, and, yes, I think the world was probably more stable with Saddam in power. At least, he knew how to keep the lid on the different factions.

Today Bush jr. is making it American policy to preempt. (See Link)

With the United States being the "leader" of the free world, we should ponder on what this means. Since it is our goal to have every other county emulate our behavior in all things, is it not too much to contemplate that the Doctrine of Preemption will be adopted by all other countries? It is evident that North Korea feels that way. They came out last week and said that they have the right to strike first if they feel threatened. They are just emulating us...think about it!

Iran will be the next to pattern themselves after us. If they had nukes, they'd be doing it already. Does anyone see a pattern here?

My heart was heavy when we started down this path. I remember talking to anyone that would listen about how the Doctrine of Preemption was evil--even at face value.

One thing I have learned in this life is that when I think I know what someone is going to to, they fool me. I don't even have the CIA to help me with this. When we start attacking countries or people over what we think...that they think; then, we are in bad way. It is all about the heart. Maybe we should try to see some good in other countries. They all can't be as evil as Bush jr. says.

There is nothing more evil than the Doctrine of Preemption. All governments that have had it in the past have fallen and fallen hard. How Bush jr. and his minions figure that they know the hearts of people from other countries is way beyond me. Maybe it is his faith. If that is the case, then we are all doomed. Insight through religion has been the bane of all governments that have used it. Many wars have been fought with god on both sides. But, you see, God doesn't take sides, and he never preempts. Even God acts after the fact, not before it.


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