Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Musings 133--The Hammer nails his coffin shut.

When Chris Mathews said last night that Tom DeLay was resigning his house seat, I immediately let out a "hallelujah." If there was one person that has screwed up the republican party, it is DeLay.

DeLay called the Hammer by his House of Representative colleagues, has been indicted by Ronnie Earles for money laundering in Texas. His top aids have been indicted and plead guilty to corruption charges stemming from the Jack Abramoff scandal. DeLay, himself, may be indicted in the same Abramoff scandal. It is a fact that lobbyist have flown him all over the country and wined and dined him on hundreds of occasions. His wife has even been part of the payoffs by taking monies as a consultant.

I wrote in Musings 96 that DeLay through the help of Jack Abramoff had made a deal with the Russians. If you haven't read that, take a look. A new article in this week's Time Magazine pretty much gives us the DeLay spin on things. (See Link)

Basically, Tom DeLay was the most powerful and corrupting influence in the U. S. Congress. His tendency to invoke the name of his god whenever possible, fooled a lot of right wing religious zealots. (He is at his best in the above Time link--the praying, I mean.) These zealots wanted leadership so much that they blindly followed the first politician that condemned abortion and homosexuals. DeLay filled the bill. He was their savior, they thought. They couldn't see that his hairdo hid his horns. Satan has a glib tongue.

By resigning, DeLay is trying to do damage control brought on by his former assistant chief of staff Tony Rudy. Rudy plead guilty to all kinds of charges on Friday. (See Link 2) Rudy's wife was apparently drawing a salary from an Abramoff consultant firm for doing little or nothing. Part of his plea is that she does not do jail time. This is the corruption right in DeLay's main office. There would be no way that he would not know what was going on. He now becomes known a Representive #2. There will be more to come.

I hear that Delay is permanently moving to Virginia. The reason is, that to get his name off of the Texas ballot he has to be dead or not a resident. Look out Virginia, here comes Tommy boy. I predict that he will open up his own lobbying firm. I hope I am wrong.

So crawl into the coffin, Tommy boy. It is time to nail it shut on you. My hope is that we bury you quickly and deeply. However, you are probably a vampire and will arise again when we least expect it. Lord knows you have drained the blood from this nation before.


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