Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Musings 132--Blotting out the sun...

If you were in the Middle East yesterday, you would have been treated to that soothsayer's delight of the blotting out of the sun. I suppose the one thing that was not needed, in an area of the world that suffers from religious fanatics, was more proof their god was still watching over them. Sometimes you can't win for losing. (See Link)

Science used to be the mainstay of the modern world. Those of us who believe that the world was not literally created in six 24-hour days used to sit and chuckle at the superstitious babblings of people who view anything they can't understand as the "hand of god." It is a convenient way to explain things that you don't understand. Science in the 20th century was an awaking. We flew through the air, split the atom and went to the moon. The days of the mystics were behind us...boy were we ever wrong.

In many states throughout the union, there are high schools that are scared to teach evolutionary science. Even though there are zillions of facts for the teaching of evolutionary science, it is a subject of deep religious belief that stops our children from being properly educated.

Since I have been out of the classroom for four years now, I wonder how yesterday's eclipse was taught in science class...or, in any class. God has his place. It is in the hearts and worship places of the world, but science should be taught unvarnished. The evidence says we've been here a long time. I doubt that God has a conflict with that. He can't, unless, he is a lair, and I thought that was the other guy that did that. You know...Satan!!


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