Friday, May 26, 2006

Musings 146--Bush's unasked question...

Bush jr. is just now owning up to bad judgment with his smartass comment on insurgency in Iraq. The "bring'em on" comment may not have caused any direct deaths of American troops, but it sure didn't save any lives, either. (See Link)

Both Bush jr. and Tony Blair are starting to own up to "setbacks and missteps" made in their nation building in Iraq. I suppose that even strong willed people--I call them narrow-minded-- have moments of clarity, when they actually see the mess they have made. I guess it falls into the better late than never category.

However, the question of the day was the one not asked. Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory was not called on during the Bush- Blair press conference. Basically, he was snubbed, no doubt, because in his last interview with Bush, Gregory asked about Bush's lower than Richard Nixon poll numbers. "It's the war," Bush laughingly said...and, he was right. Gregory said on the Imus in the Morning radio show that he wanted to ask the president why the American public should continue following his lead, since he is now acknowledging these "setbacks and missteps." I would have loved hearing that answer.

Bush jr. has just made one blunder after another. In the last five years he has seemingly been a slow learner. The American people, though, are a bit quicker. There could be no answer to Gregory's question that would have inspired confidence. Actions speak volumes, and the Bush Administration just keeps doing the same things. The only difference is that now they are giving lip-service and asking for understanding, but action speak louder than words. Their actions are the same old sad stories.

The American public has finally gotten the message that this was a needless war, and that we need to get out of Iraq as soon as possible. Bush jr. shakes his head and looks sad. He says we made "missteps" but it will get better. How can anyone believe that. Strong willed people just don't bend that easy--even if they say they do.

Here are some numbers that Bush's "missteps" have given us. (See Link 2)

* 2,458 soldiers dead
* 17,648 soldiers wounded


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