Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Musings 151--Now I'm Really Scared!

So everything is going along about the same as usual. Same old, same old. Then, I see this: Hawking says that the human race must go into space. (See Link)

Stephen Hawking is the smartest man on this planet. If he thinks we are in trouble, then we should take note.

I'm packing my bags and hunting the first flight to Babylon Five. If it is good enough for Hawking it is good enough for me. Tick, tick... now I'm really scared.

I was watching the Discovery Channel and was amazed to learn that science says that two things can exist in one place. They also say that there are tiny particles in an atom that disappear and reappear in time space. Now this is creepy stuff. I figure that Stephen Hawking already knows this and is now sounding the warning. I figure that he has been able to take his mind out of that wheelchair for quite sometime now. He can probably dimension hop whenever he feels the urge.

Well, if that is the case, then I am catching the next intergalactic flight out of here. I have my towel and a healthy respect for the number 42. The clock is ticking. It is time to get off this old rock and seek the Cosmos.

Two things existing in the same space...now that is amazing. Of course, when fat Aunt Lizzy sat down on skinny Uncle Luke and he disappeared we should have figured something like that was possible.


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