Thursday, June 15, 2006

Musings 152--Still counting at 2,500...

Today a new benchmark was set in the war in Iraq. It is one that is not particularly unique, since it does nothing but set the stage for higher benchmarks to come. However, if you have a son, daughter, husband, wife, grandson, granddaughter, cousin, or in-law that is a notch in this benchmark; then, you will probably pay special attention to it.

Today, we hit 2,500 soldiers dead since the war on terrorism began. That's the benchmark--2,500. Can 3,000 be far behind?

Of course, I guess one can always approach this benchmark like White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. He referred to it as "it's a number." (See Link) And...there it is. That is exactly how most conservatives view those deaths. It is collateral damage to their grander plan--whatever that is.

How these guys stay in power is beyond me. Their cold calculating demeanor while embrassing the flag and God is amazing. Bush jr. was the compassionate conservative--in name only. I think what he really meant was that he was a passionate conservative. He just mispronounced the word during the 2000 campagin.

So the next time anyone says that they know someone who lost their life in Iraq, you just say, "it's a number." And...where I'm from, you should be ready to duck beause it's coming. BAM!


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