Monday, June 26, 2006

Musings 153--Keep on, keeping on means we're losing.

The Bushie position of "stay the course" is the last gasp chance for the president to have a legacy that is not a total shambles. Bush jr. can't change now. If he does he will be admitting that he was wrong--something he has never done in his political career.

By going over the "we'll stand down when they stand up" mantra, the Bushies have a perfect slogan. Nobody can say when that phrase will ever come to pass. Also, to be realistic, it may never come to pass, if Bush jr. doesn't want it too.

I think back to my many friends who have been in bad marriages. They all just tried to stick it out and "stay the course." Things got worse, and most ended badly. Some got better for a bit, but, usually ended up worse than before. One fact of life. When it is going bad it can always get worse. To quote Bert Reynolds, "things are always darkest just before everything goes totally black."

I think that democrats should lay the war in Iraq squarely at Bush jr.'s flat little feet. The war should be referred to as "Bush's War." They should greet the republican phrase of "cut and run" with a "redepoyment to win." Democats just don't use dumb phrases like republicans. They also do not attack strengths--or perceived strengths. All Bush jr. has is the war. Give it to him. Give it all to him. Bush's War is what it is all about anyway.

Keeping on by keeping on is just more of the same failed policy. It equates an overall loss. Bush jr. has said that he can't end this mess in Iraq. He is going to give it over to some future president. Wow! Now that is a real job well done. Hand it off to the other guy. It is the story of his life.


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