Thursday, July 06, 2006

Musings 155--Bush the leaker and DeLay's dilemma

Sometimes you just don't know where to start. I guess Bush jr. is always a good place to begin, since most of the ignorance of the world usually starts with him.

It now seems that George Bush, himself, was the one who decided--he is the decider--to go after Joe Wilson after his trip to Niger (See Link). Now isn't that special? Months ago, I said that Bush jr. would have to investigate himself over the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Well...I was right. He kicked the Vice President in his big fat ass and pointed him in the direction he should go. VP Cheney then kicked lackey "Scooter" and the mystery is solved. However, Bush jr. didn't tell them to out Ms. Plame. No siree, they (Cheney and Libby) thought that one up by themselves. Sure they did.

No one should be that surprised that Bush jr. was behind the whole sordid affair. Several years ago we thought that VP Cheney was the puppetmaster. Well, we were wrong. Little George does quite nicely on his own. Two and a half years remain of his presidency. That's a lot of time for one that turns everything to crap when he touches it.

Now, about Congressman Tom DeLay...the Texas courts will not allow him to take his name off the ballot in his congressional district. (See Link 2) It seems that his greed has screwed over the Republican Party one last time. DeLay received millions of dollars for his re-election campaign, which he transferred over to his legal defense fund, after he announced he would not run again in Texas. He said that his legal residence was not Texas but Washington D.C. Hence, he couldn't run. But the courts said that was not a good reason. The courts said he was a residence when he started to run, so his name will still appear on the ballot. The Republicans can either leave his name on the ballot or take it off and run a blank space against the Democratic candidate. Sometimes life is sweet. Yes!!

So if you are a mover and shaker in the Republican Party of Texas, you have to ask youself this question: "Do I want a disgraced, indicted former congressman that is retired or a blank on the Republican part of the ballot?" The answer to the dilemma seems clear enough. Let's hear it for the blank!!


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