Thursday, September 28, 2006

Musings 175--Barney might want to "cut and run."

According to Bob Woodward, President Bush is living in denial and is doctoring the figures about the number of violent incidents in Iraq. Bushie wouldn't do something like that...would he?

Woodward has been extremely kind to Bush in his last two books. Much to kind, in my humble estimation, but he is apparently making up for it in his newest tome. Woodward, the consummate insider, has given an interview to Mike Wallace at CBS' 60 Minutes. Raw Story has viewed the tape and garnered snippets of information that show us the real Bushie we all know and loath. (See Link)

The title of Woodward's new book is: State of Denial, Bush at War III.

Raw Story reports that Woodward says that attacks against coalition troops average one every 15 minutes--24-7! He is quoted as saying that there are 800 to 900 attacks per week, or about 100 per day.

Woodward also says that intelligence estimates for 2007 show that violence will get worse instead of better. Privately, he says, everyone knows that it is getting worse, but in public they paint the lying picture of everything getting better. has the following quote from Woodward: President Bush is absolutely certain that he has the U.S. and Iraq on the right course, says Woodward. So certain is the president on this matter, Woodward says, that when Mr. Bush had key Republicans to the White House to discuss Iraq, he told them, "I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me."

Now, I don't know about Laura, but Barney is not stupid. He'd have left years ago and taken the Teletubbies gang with him.


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