Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Musings 178--Screwing with Jesus

So now it looks like the Republican Party has been screwing around with the Jesus-Loves-Me-This-I-Know-Cause-the-Bible-Tells-Me-So crowd. Wow! That's a flash. Of course they have. They are republicans whose real God is money. They really only worship wealth and power.

I think the religious right got what they deserved in George W. Bush. He and his fellow republicans have stuck it to them at every turn while professing the love of Jesus as they did it. I guess the Christians just wanted to believe in something so badly that they failed to see Bushies horns and tail.

There is an old adage which says, "you get what you pay for." Well, they paid for him...lock, stock and barrel. A narrow-minded egotistical bastard such as George W. Bush could only rise to power through deception, lies and theft. It is amazing that religious people flocked to him after the debacle in Florida in 2000, but they did.

Plus, everybody knows that Conservative Christians think that gays are all going to burn in hell. Few come out and say it, but it is what they believe. They believe that you can be cured from "being gay." It is a disease...kind of like the flu. I have even heard well meaning (but stupid) people talk about so-and-so who turned gay--like it is a choice to be picked on by every hate group in America.

Well, the republicans apparently have several gay folks that are causing them a bit of trouble. Now the religious right is wondering if the party of Ronald Reagan has been infiltrated by Satan and his spawn of homosexuals. Maybe they have been hoodwinked. Well, ah...yeah...they have, and some of us saw it coming. However, it was the straights, such as Karl Rove, that screwed over the Jesus voters.

I use to think that George W. Bush was the anti-Christ. I think I was giving him to much credit. He couldn't possibly be more than a monkey-demon. I know this because he like shiny objects and he blinks a lot. Besides, the anti-Christ would be more like Bill Clinton.


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