Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Musings 179--Big Brother Now Has the Tools.

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 is an affront to every American both alive or dead.

George W. Bush is now the imperial king of the U.S.A. Granted, congress handed it over without much of a fight. They allowed Bushie to declare a never ending war on an idea called "terror." Thus, the president's war powers make him the supreme ruler of everything.

According to the newly signed Military Commissions Act of 2006, Bushie can declare anyone he wants as an enemy and hold them forever without a trial. (See Link) The Bush Administration so hates the American Court system that they have now found a way to make it moot.

Here are some of the provisions:

--Certain sections of the Uniform Code of Military Justice are deemed inapplicable - including some relating to a speedy trial [Sec.948b (d)(1)(A)], compulsory self-incrimination [Sec.948b (d)(1)(B)], and pre-trial investigation [Sec.948b (d)(1)(C)].

--A civilian defense attorney may not be used unless they have clearance to view materials classified Secret. [Sec.949c(b)(3)(D)]
Based on his findings, the judge may introduce hearsay evidence [Sec.949a(b)(2)(E)(i)], evidence obtained without a search warrant [Sec.949a(b)(2)(B)], evidence obtained when the degree of coercion is disputed [Sec.948r (d)], or classified evidence not made available to the defense [Sec.949d(f)(2)(B)].

--A finding of Guilty requires only a 2/3 majority [Sec.949m(a)]

--No defendant may invoke the Geneva Conventions in legal proceedings on their behalf. [Section 5(a)]

--The President determines “the meaning and application” of the Geneva Conventions banning the torture of prisoners. [Sec.6 (a)(3)(A)]

--The accused may be tried for the same offense a second time “with his consent” [Sec.949h(a)].

--If the military commission returns a finding of Not Guilty, its convening authority is not required to take action on the findings. [Sec.950b(c)(3)]

Big Brother now has the tools needed to bend us to his will. The Patriot Act led the way to this piece of disastrous legislation. If the democrats don't take over congress on election day, the world may never recover from the wild, wild west foreign policy of George W. Bush.


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