Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Musings 185--Good-by cranky Donald

President Bush has just given Donald Rumsfeld the boot this afternoon. I guess "the decider" has decided that with his party soon to be out of power, he needs to clean a little house. (See Link) To bad it is too little, to late.

No later than last Friday did Bushie jr. give Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney glowing praise. He said that they'd be with him until the end of his term. Gee, did I miss something. Bush jr.'s term just ended? Wow, that was a fast two years.

Now I just may be guessing, but I think that the next two years will drag slowly by for Bush jr. With the power of oversite in the hands of the democrats, it would only seem fair that they get their licks in while they can. There are more than 730 wake-ups for Bush jr. and his band of merry men. This could be a whole lot more fun than say....ah, waterboarding.

So I guess all there is to say is: Good-by cranky Donald...we knew you too damn well. Don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.


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