Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Musings 184--Democracy ain't dead yet.

It looks like the democrats will now have control of both houses of congress. Maybe the people of the United States do understand the role they play in a representative democracy.

Yes, I suppose you can say that democracy ain't dead yet. Some of us were starting to wonder if it wasn't in its last throes, but, like Vice President Dick Cheney, we were wrong. Sometimes it is good to be wrong.

I am proud to say that my home state of Ohio lead the way. We kicked out a corrupt republican regime in the state house. Ted Strickland (D), a fellow southern Ohioian, beat the living daylights out of Ken Blackwell (R). We also kicked out the Bushie cheerleader Mike DeWine (R) in favor of Sherrod Brown (D). Brown, a U. S. Congressman, has been an outspoken critic of the War in Iraq.

Now the only danger is that the democrats get too full of themselves and turn into republicans. I don't think that will be the case because most dems understand that the people who voted for change want results. If there is no results; then, the democrats will have a short span of being in control. Vote them in; vote them out--it is the American way.

The power of the ballot box is import. It is something that the people in Iraq will have to learn if they are to become a democratic country. It has only taken us about 230 years to learn this lesson.

To President George W. Bush I ask this question: How does it feel to be in the minority? Oh, don't know yet? Well, you soon will. Now you can either govern from the center or have a miserable two years. It is your choice. got to love it.


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