Thursday, December 21, 2006

Musings 189--The insanity of George W. Bush

The only thing that Bush jr. had going for him was his mantra that he would do what the generals on the ground in Iraq told him was the right thing to do. Well, that is now gone.

New Defense Secretary Robert Gates found this the case during his recent trip to the Green Zone in Iraq. (See link.)

For those of us who have been awake the last four years, it is not hard for us to believe that Bush jr. has always been a liar when he said he accepts advice from anyone. What Bush jr. really means when he says that he will accept advice is that he only accepts advice that agrees with him. When the generals running the war say that more troops are not the answer, Bush jr. flip-flops and never mentions them again. Bush wants more troops. He doesn't care what the commanders say. He never did. However, up until they disagreed with him, he could use the, "I'm listening to the commanders on the ground." It sounded good to the American public.

George W. Bush listens to no one. He is, as MSNBC's Mike Barnacle said, "delusional." He is scary crazy because he thinks he can see farther down the road than all of the great minds of the day. In two more years George W. Bush will be more insane than Richard Nixon during his final days in office. For Bush jr. it was a short trip anyway.

The ones paying the price are the ones that have given Bush jr. the most love--the troops. They die and he hangs on to his view of reshaping the middle east.

The insanity of George W. Bush is quite a legacy, and it has not played out yet. Running an empire just ain't what he thought it would be.


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