Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Musings: Karl Rove creates history from whole cloth.

On the latest Charlie Rose show on PBS, former Bush advisor Karl Rove stated that Congress pushed the president to war with Iraq. He didn't hint it...he actually said it. (See the blog and see the tape with the link to the Charlie Rose site .)

This is the most aggressive act of deceitful reconstructionist history I have ever seen. And, he does it without remorse.

Here is another link that plays part of the interview with Rove. (

I guess that Rove and Bush don't know that the Internet is out there and folks can Google and find out all about how they were the ones pushing for the war, and how Bush kept pressuring congress for the power to be the sole person to judge whether or not we should invade Iraq for 9-11.


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Well written article.


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